About Us

Gelindo – Your one-stop shop for Kitchen and Homeware Essentials that will last a lifetime!

Our company was established in China and is a part of the Shenzhen Gelindo Tech. Co., Ltd. We are in the business of providing all kinds of essential kitchenware and homeware, be it knife sharpener, a handy multi-tool or lemon squeezer.

We commit to providing the best quality to our customers by integrating production, sales, design and R&D. Our objective is to provide high quality and functional devices with a fashionable edge. Portability and Performance are the key functionalities in our products that make us stand apart from other suppliers.

Our products are widely available through our website or on our page at Amazon. We also have the idea of establishing our offline market.

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Our Mission

Quality & Affordability

Here at Gelindo, we don’t believe that you should have to pay an arm and a leg to own quality products, as is sometimes the case with other brands. We offer quality and durability, while also being affordable. We are passionate about customer satisfaction and experience and aim to satisfy every single person who buys our products.

Customer Satisfaction

With hundreds of products available, it’s likely that even if you aren’t looking for something specific, you’ll find something of real use to you in your home. Not convinced? Well, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with the products you receive, so you have nothing to lose when buying from Gelindo. If you don’t like our products or they’re not what you ordered, we will issue a full refund, and we don’t even ask you to return the products.

All of our items come with guarantees to prove it, some with lifetime guarantees.

Save the Planet

The growth of the ‘throw away’ culture in our World today is very much noticeable. If something breaks, we simply buy something new to replace it. People rarely have items repaired, and our broken things end up in landfill sites. But back in our parents and grandparents day, things were made to last. And we believe this should still be true today!

All of our products are constructed from durable and quality materials that are made to last. So not only will you not have to worry about your bottle opener breaking, and then having to Google that Cork trick with a spoon. Our mission is to save the planet, by enabling our customers to reduce landfill by throwing fewer items away because they break.