Making Magic with Your Decorating Tip Set

Gelindo Cake Decorating Tip Set

Making Magic with Your Decorating Tip Set

Baking is not just about how the food tastes. It’s also about how the food looks. Nobody drools over a poorly made cake. But give them a cake that’s decorated to perfection, and you’ll have people asking for more even before they take their first bite.

This is how important your tools are. And when it comes to cake decorations, your decorating tip set tops the list.

Decorating a cake with your decorating tip set soon? Know what kind of tip you need for the kind of output you’re hoping to achieve. Use the round tip to make scrolls, letters and dots. Use the star tip to make rosettes, shells and leaves. As for the leaf tip, you don’t have to limit yourself to its name. You can use it to make edges, pleats and scallops. The same thing goes for your petal tip, which you can use to make ribbons, scallops and ruffles. The sky’s the limit when it comes to your decorating tip set! As long as you use your imagination and make the most out of your creativity, you can make some magic happen each time you bake a cake.

Start thinking of the things you can do with your decorating tip set and create some of the most beautiful cakes the world has seen.


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