Things Your Kitchen Multitool Can Actually Do

Gelindo 15-in-one multitool

Let’s face it. Exploring the outdoors can be fun, but it also means being prepared enough to take care of any task at hand. You’ve got things to cut. You’ve got tents to pitch. You’ve got every imaginable piece of small machinery meant to do every single task left at home, simply because they’re too bulky to take with you. But what if you had one small thing that single-handedly does everything that a number of different tools can do?


Enter this premium pocket multitool, the ultimate piece that makes it easy to do any task, anytime. It’s the perfect Christmas gift, simply because there are so many things you can do with it. With 15 different tools packaged into one single piece, it’s hard to think of something that this multitool couldn’t do.
What tools does it have?
• Regular pliers
• Nipper pliers
• Wire cutter
• Wire stripper
• Bottle opener
• Can opener
• Phillips screwdriver
• Large 5mm flat screwdriver
• Medium 3mm flat screwdriver
• Small 2mm flat screwdriver
• Ruler
• Scaler
• Knife
• Double-sided flat file
• Saw

Imagine having all these in your pocket. This multitool also comes with non-slip handles, perfect for the most testing circumstances. Its spring-loaded functionality makes it even easier to use, allowing you to get the right tool ready right when you need it. The multitool is also easy to store, as it comes with a sheath that you can easily attach to your belt.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more things you can do with your amazing multitool, as long as you continue being imaginative. Use it yourself, or give it to someone else this Christmas. Whether the person loves the outdoors or not, with the number of uses this single tool has, there’s bound to be a number of chances where anybody will find this useful.