Gelindo FAQ


1. Is the hydration backpack water proof or resistant if caught in the rain?

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2. Is the weight distributed of the backpack more on the shoulder straps or the hip straps?

The straps are long enough that you can adjust them to put the weight where you want it.

3. Is the backpack breathable when carrying, like do you sweat bad?

The cloth on the back has a waffle weave, so it’s comfortable and not like a slick plastic that will make you sweat

4. What are the dimensions of the 18L hydration pack?

The dimension is 9.8″ x 5.9” x 17.7”. The capacity is 18L, can be used as one-day assault pack.

5. Can the waist pocket of the 18L hydration backpack fit an iPhone 7 Plus?

Yes, the waist pocket can fit an iPhone 7 plus. The dimension is 7 x 3.2”.

6. What is the dimension of the 15L hydration backpack?

The dimension is 10.36” x 4.1” x 15.7”. The capacity is 15L, can be used as one-day pack.

7. What is the dimension of the 35L tactical backpack?

The dimension of the tactical backpack is 11″ x 10.5″ x 18.5″. The capacity is 35L, can be used as 3-day assault pack.

8. What is the dimension of the tactical hydration backpack?

The dimension of the tactical hydration backpack is 11.8” x 4.3” x 17.7”.

9. Would a 14″ laptop fit in the 35L tactical backpack?

Yes, a 14″ laptop could fit in this bag. This pack works great to hold notebook, iPad, book, clothes for 2-3 days, first-aid kit, flashlight, snacks and other items. Perfect for daily use, 2-3 days travel, hiking, cycling, mountaineering, camping, motocross and so on.

10. Does the 35Ltactical backpack come with a hydration bladder or do you need to purchase it separately?

The tactical backpack doesn’t come with a hydration bladder, you need to purchase it separately. It is compatible with 2-3L bladder.

11. Does the flag patch contain in tactical hydration backpack?

Yes. The tactical hydration backpack contains the flag patch.

12. How is the cooling effect about the backpack?

It is in an insulated pocket in the pack to keeps liquids cool for up to 4 hours.

13. How many holes does the lemon squeezer have?

There are seven holes at the bottom. This allows the squeezed juice flows through the holes more quickly and smoothly.

14. What metal is the lemon squeezer made of?

It is made of zinc construction and stainless steel handle.

15. Can the ball pump be used to inflate tires on a child bicycle?

No, it will not work for that application. The purpose of the ball pump is to pump up inflatable balls.

16. Could you remove any parts of the multi-tool?

No. They are permanently attached.

17. Can a left handed person use the knife sharpen?

Yes, the design is not one direction.

18. Does the backpack have a warranty? How long is it?

Yes, it has a warranty. We offer a ONE-YEAR WARRANTY. If there is any problem, just contact us directly at:

Where to find the number?

1. Login into your account on;
2. Click “Your Account” and then click “Your Orders” to search gelindo, and then you will find your order about gelindo product.